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Applied ICT

AS Applied
This course allows you to develop a broad range of ICT skills and knowledge of the uses of ICT in vocational contexts as a basis for progression into further learning in ICT-related fields. The aims of the course are to encourage you to develop:
  • knowledge and understanding of the components, functions and applications of information systems within a range of organisations;
  • an understanding of the main principles of solving problems using ICT and develop the skills necessary to apply this understanding.;
  • an understanding of the impact of information systems on organisations’ personnel, policies and practices;
  • project management skills and an understanding of the need to work with others.

This course gives a general grounding in computing, including an understanding of computer systems, the principles of programming, and the solving of problems.

The aims of the course are to encourage you to develop:
  • the capacity to think creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically;
  • an understanding of the organisation of computer systems, including software, hardware, data, communications and people;
  • the ability to apply skills, knowledge and understanding of computing, including programming, in a range of contexts to solve problems;
  • skills in project and time management;
  • the capacity to see relationships between different aspects of the subject, and perceive their field of study in a broader perspective;
  • an understanding of the consequences of using computers, including social, legal, ethical and other issues;
  • an awareness of emerging technologies and an appreciation of their potential impact on society.

Applied ICT