• Unit 9.1You will plan and create an interactive PowerPoint based on an RE theme - 'Creation and Environment'. The presentation will be aimed at an audience of pupils in primary 6 or 7. You will be studying this theme in RE in term 1 and will use your knowledge and understanding of the topic to create an interactive Powerpoint in ICT.
  • This course is designed to teach the Year 9 the basics of Spreadsheets including the terminology, using formulae, inserting headers and footers, formatting a spreadsheet and display information using Graphs.  The course is for 6 weeks including an assessment to complete the course.


  • In this unit you will learn about careers in web design and will develop a simple website using HTML and CSS
  • In this project you will work as a team to design a smart phone app. You will brainstorm your app and learn how to use graphics editing software to develop the assets needed. You will then produce an app that has at least 8 pages. At the end of the unit you will be able to upload your completed prototype to your own smartphone!